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My Services

I provide High Quality Voiceover work for a variety of genres including:

  • Business related 

  • Phone Tree and Corporate recordings

  • Departmental and Voicemail services

  • Video Game Voiceovers

  • Cartoon and Character work

  • Book readings and readthroughs

  • Promotional Advertisements

  • Non-Profits

  • And More! 


Let me know what you are looking for and I will do my best to fulfill your needs.

I will provide demos and sample readings. Feel free to ask!

Click below to visit my SoundCloud page to hear samples of my voicework.

Robot and Soldiers


Image by Josh Riemer

Adam "Tex" Davis:

Creator of popular Netflix shows Brainchild and Brain Games, and Creator of the hit new children's podcast Who Smarted

"These are great! It's very impressive how well you take direction."

Image by Aaron Burden

Luke Stocker

Founder of OSOA Media, a cutting edge digital media

platform providing high quality work to satisfied



"We want continue providing the fantastic voice-overs. I will recommend your work to any...job you may ever seek out."

Radio show microphones

Contact Me

Click on my email button below to let me know how I can help. I can provide a vast array of services to fit your needs with a fast turnaround time, and I am priced very reasonably to take care of you. Prices can vary based on the project, and no job is too big or small.  

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